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    Your Retriever Tracking Device - This page is dedicated to answer your questions and to post your comments.


    • How does ‘Your Retriever’ Personal Finding Device Work?

    ‘Your Retriever’ Key Finder Device is using Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) technology. This allows ‘Your Retriever’ to communicate with your smart phone or tablet device using radio waves to locate your important possessions up to a range of 130+ feet, depending on obstructions.

    ‘Your Retriever’ using Bluetooth v4.0 is optimized for low battery operation and runs off of a small 2032 coin-cell battery. The unit contains a tiny computer chip with a Bluetooth radio and software that makes it easy to connect wireless to your smart phone. Once the two devices are paired together they remain in constant communication and form a network transferring the location of your possession between the two. There may be circumstances where the Bluetooth network can be broken. It is just a matter of following the training instructions and reestablishing the pairing.

    We’ve tested, tested and re-tested the technologies and unit durability before we introduced it to you. I promise you, I am the toughest critic the retriever will ever have.  I buried it, dropped it and put it under water.  The original is still on my key ring. It took two years from inception to come to market.


    • How do I locate my missing or lost possessions?

    There are Two Find Features built into Your Retriever to Locate Your Possessions
    Sound - Select the retriever you want to locate.  On your smart phone application  just touch the retriever patiently sitting at the bottom of the app. Your Retriever’s alarm will sound.  Just follow the sound to your missing retriever 
    Visual - There is a signal indicator on your application screen. As you approach  your    keys or missing possession the percentage will climb higher and higher until it reaches 99%.  Your Retriever has been found. 


    • Can I find my Missing Smartphone with 'Your Retriever'? 

    Yes. Your smart phone is your hub or the center of the wireless transmitting radius. If you were just in possession of your phone and you absent minded put your phone down:  
    Just press the button on Your Retriever. As you move through your home, office or car just depress the button on Your Retriever and your smart phone will begin to Vibrate, Sound an Alarm and Flash its Light so you can be easily reacquainted, even while your phone is in silent mode. You have a choice of 15 different ring tones. 


    • I'm out of range of my Retriever..What do I do now?  

    iPhone: If your Apple devices goes missing and you are out of range of Your Retriever, Apple’s Find my Phone feature can help you figure out where you left it. Just sign in at to see your missing iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on a map. You can also conveniently locate your device by using Apple’s Find my Phone feature. Before you need this feature confirm that you’ve activated the Find My Phone feature in your device setting. 

    Android: Use your computer browser to log in to the Google account you have set up on your phone. Type the phrase "find my phone" into Google's search engine on your PC. In response, Google displays a map that attempts to zero in on the location of your device. Give it at least several seconds, and you'll eventually see a location on the map that's accurate enough to give you a sense of where you left the phone. 

    • I can’t remember where I lost my Keys. 
      FIND YOUR LOST KEYS or POSSESSIONS - You just open your smart phone, double tap on the screen and you can visually see the last location Your Retriever and phone were last together with a date and time stamp. Take a deep breath and go retriever Your Retriever.
    • Can I take my retriever with me when I go on vacation? 

    Absolutely. Your Retriever works everywhere. Keep in mind the retriever is waterproof. 
    Imagine giving that hotel that one last glance before you leave. Depressing the retriever button one last time only to find you left your phone on the bed. 

    •  Do I need to replace my retriever once my battery fails? 

    Absolutely Not! First ‘Your Retriever’ comes ready to please you straight from the box. A CR2032 battery has been pre-installed in Your Retriever. Like every battery driven device the life is totally dependent on usage. If used sparingly the battery life is about a year. 
    A second battery has accompanied Your Retriever with easy replacement directions. You see your retriever will be your best friend for many years unlike some of the other locators at the pound. Just replace the battery and Your Retriever will again be ready to please you over and over again. The CR2032 battery can be conveniently found at most stores selling common batteries. 
    A Personal Comments 
    Late at night I allow our four legged family member, Zoey to just run out and do her business. She occasionally takes her sweet time in the dark. Zoey loves her freedom and takes her sweet time in the dark to do what a hunting dog does instinctually, smell everything.  My piece of mind is to know she is safe.  I just tap the application on my Smartphone and instantly Zoey's retriever/tracking device which is fixed to her collar chirps and flashes a blue beacon of light in the dark revealing her location. 



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