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Training Your Retriever

Retrieve Important Possessions on Your Command.


One thing we all have in common is we are all occasionally forgetful and the one common denominator is we misplace important possessions at just the wrong moment.

Golden Retriever Mascot to 'Your Retriever'  What can you expect from Your BLUETOOTH LOST ITEM Tracker?


You’re about to bring home your new retriever!  What can you expect?  For starters, you can simplify your new retriever’s first day at home by following the enclosed training techniques.  Your Retriever key finder and Bluetooth tracking device has the ability to not only find your keys and other valuables through your Smartphone’s free and easy to use locator app, but should you misplace your Smartphone, Your Retriever tracker has the ability to literally sniff out your phone’s hiding place anywhere in your house, office, car.... anywhere.  Just press the button on Your Retriever key finder and your cell phone will persistently whine, vibrate and flash its light to get your attention.

Misplace your keys or wallet in the doctor's office or restaurant, no problem.  Just reach for your Smartphone, tap on the cute retriever at the base of the application and Your Retriever Bluetooth tracker will immediately seek out the location of your missing property.                                                                                                                                                                            

In the beginning, Your Retriever is just getting familiar with its new surroundings and you with the training.  Relax. It's only takes a couple of minutes to train your new friend for you to receive the full benefit from Your Retriever's instinctive tracking ability.  Age or being electronically challenged is not a problem. Your Retriever is simple to setup and easy to use. 


Note: For your Convenience we have included a second battery in Your Retriever package for your next feeding 

There is no need to house train your new retriever.  Your retriever comes ready to please you straight from the box. A CR2032 battery has been installed in advance for this moment. So that there are no awkward lapses of obedience or forgetfulness down the road a second battery has accompanied Your Retriever with easy replacement directions. You see Your Retriever will be your best friend for many years unlike some of the other less fortunate locators at the pound. Just replace the battery and Your Retriever key finder will again be ready to please you over and over again.


        Two Step Installation:


It's time to download the Apple or Android Smartphone application that will be used by you to train Your New Retriever. Go to your Smartphone's app store and search for the application titled 'Rtrivr2'. The app is FREE.       

Apple App Store Icon Apple Smartphone - Search and Download  Rtrivr2 in the Apple App Store.  

Google Play Store Icon Android Smartphone - Search and Download ‘Rtrivr2’ in the Google Play Store.

    Bluetooth key and Lost Item Tracking Device



Open the retriever application you just downloaded to your Smartphone.  In the lower corner of the app look for this icon  Search Symbol Icon .  Touch the icon and at the same time press the button on the face of your retriever key finder for three seconds.   The retriever will beep and your phone will clammier notifying you the sync process was a success. Your done. Your Retriever is ready for action.

Let's Give your Retriever a Name

In your Smartphone device app list you will see the retriever model number R633.  This is the space where you will identify your retriever by name.   

·         It’s now time to name your retriever. If you purchased one or more retriever(s) it will be helpful to identify each with a unique name. Touch the icon  Write Editing Symbol. Backspace over the R633 and type Your Retriever’s new name and touch on done when finished.  You can now call your retriever by name. Example: Robin’s Key. 


YOUR RETRIEVER Key Finder and Tracking Device is now ready to begin protecting your most important possessions. I would like to add a personal trainer suggestion and give some information at this time so the two of you can begin living in perfect harmony together.


Go to settings Settings Symbol and slide the Disconnecting Notice to the left if it is not already (in the off position). This is my personal setting, but you can experiment.


Smartphone Icon

 Locating Your Missing Phone - As you move through your home, office or car just press the button on Your Retriever and your smart phone will begin to Vibrate, Sound an Alarm and Flash its Light so you can be easily reacquainted



SAlert Iconeparation Alert - Disconnecting Notification - There are times that having your smart phone and retriever as inseparable friends is a beneficial asset.  This custom setting creates a two way bond between the two. If your retriever is attached to your laptop and it is taken or inadvertently moved without your consent range both the retriever and smart phone will sound an alarm notifying you that they have been separated.



FIND YOUR MISSING OR LOST POSSESSIONS - There are Two Find Features built into Your Retriever to Locate Your Possessions by Using Sound and Sight


Sound Icon

 Sound - Select the retriever you want to locate.  On your smart phone   application just touch the retriever patiently sitting at the bottom of the app. Your Retriever’s alarm will sound.  Just follow the sound to your missing retriever.



Sight Icon 

Sight - There is a visual indicator on your application screen. As you approach  your keys or missing possession the percentage will climb higher and higher until it reaches 99%.  Your Retriever has been found.



 Iphone Image

Locating Your Missing Phone - As you move through your home, office or car just depress the button on Your Retriever and your smart phone will begin to Vibrate, Sound an Alarm and Flash its Light so you can be easily reacquainted.



   Your Retriever Key Finder

You just returned home and you immediately realized you Misplaced Your Keys or Other Possession.  You just open your Smartphone, double tap on the screen, pull up the Lost Location History. You can visually see the last location Your Retriever Key Finder Device and phone were last together with a date and time stamp. Take a deep breath and go fetch Your Retriever. Should you forget the location where you parked your car, this feature is amazing.  Just leave a second key finder device (car finder) in your car; pull up the Lost Location History on your Smartphone and the location on a detailed map is prominently posted where you parked your car.



Camera Icon

 How to Take a Selfie (Using your Smartphone to take a self photo). If    you are tired of being left out of family and vacation photos here is the perfect solution. Open the Rtrivr2 app on your Smartphone. Look you the camera icon Camera Iconin the upper right hand corner of the application. Your Smartphone camera will open ready to take a picture.  Reverse the camera view so you are looking at yourself in the phone viewer.  Find a secure safe place to target your camera at the subject or group.  Once you are positioned in the picture press the button on the face of the retriever to activate your phone's camera shutter.  Never again look at a special family occasion photos only to see yourself not included because you were the photographer.


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  • Longest distant Bluetooth tracking and locator available today. Note any reference to GPS of WiFi technology associated to any Bluetooth tracker is a false statement.
  • A replaceable battery included with your purchase. Your Retriever is designed to last for years.  Just replace the CR2032 battery and its quickly back in action. Unlike other locators that have a life of 1 year, Your Retriever is designed to be loyally by your side for years even while you are not paying attention.
  • Low power consumption. Low power drainage on your Smartphone’s battery life even while Your Retriever’s app is left on in the background.



  • Dimensions: L1 inch x W1 inch x H.25 inch
  • Weight of Retriever: .3 ounce (about as heavy as a key)
  • Wireless: Bluetooth: 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Range: 0 to 130+ Feet
  • Replaceable Battery: CR2032
  • Working Time: Your use will have an impact on the battery life
  • Normal Working Time: 1 Year - then replace the Battery
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67



  • Supported Apple Devices using iOS 7 or higher:
  • iPhone (Released 2011 or later): 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus
  • iPad (Released 2012 or later): 3rd Gen, 4th Gen, Air
  • iPad Mini or later
  • iPod Touch5 or later
  • Supported Android Devices using 4.4 or higher (KitKat or Lollipop)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4, 5, 6
  • Samsung Note 3, 4,5
  • Nexus 4, 5, 6
  • HTC One M8
  • LG G3, G4


Note: Application can be upgraded as new Smartphone technology is released.


Note: Your Retriever can be a choking hazard to young children and pets. Please keep your Retriever in a safe and secure location to prevent an accidental hazard.




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