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"Your Retriever" Key Finder and Lost Item Tracker Locates and Protects Your Possessions with the Simple Press of a Button.


Robin and I began a list of all the possibilities where our Lost Item Finder could be used.  We soon realized the responsibilities are endless. Here is our short list.


Your Retriever Key Finder is a sleek looking Lost Item Tracker and easy-to-use Smartphone application that uses the most advanced Bluetooth technology to find your Smartphone, keys, wallet, purse, Key Finder attached to Pursehandbag, luggage, laptop, camera, remote control, pet and a whole lot more by simply depressing a button. Attach Your Retriever to any important possession  and locate it in seconds.  Should your keys try to elude you by hiding under a bed, beneath a seat cushion or high on a shelf Your Retriever's determined pursuing skill allows it to track your valuables up to and over a range of 120+ feet, making it equal to the challenge. Put an end to saying, “Where did I leave my keys?”













.  Age or being electronically challenged is not a problem. If you are forgetful, absent minded of just can't remember where you leave important possessions of live a hectic and fast paced lifestyle Your Retriever was designed for you.  From that moment you realize that you misplaced that important something, regardless of your electronic aptitude, you are only the press of a button away from recovering it.  Your Retriever is simple to setup and easy to use.


Find your Smartphone with just the simple push of a button! Press the Your Retriever IPhone Tracking Appsmall retriever on the face of the retriever application to make your misplaced phone ring, vibrate and flash its light. Your phone isn't hiding, it wants to be found!  You can even change the ring to 15 different distinctive ring tones. Your Smartphone can even be found while in silent mode.  Put an end to saying, “Where did I leave my phone?”


.  Going off to college, going the theater or just going out to a restaurant, Your Retriever stands vigilant and guards your possessions when you cannot or when you can be distracted.  Initiate the Disconnecting or Separation Notification setting and should you leave your handbag, phone,Security Icon keys or any other important possession behind or it is moved without your knowledge, your Smartphone will ring, vibrate and flash its light and Your Retriever's audible alarm will also sound an alert if the two become separated by more than 100 feet.  It's like a having your own personal private security service on guard just when you need it most.


.  Travel Protection.  Keeping your possessions and valuables safe while traveling. There is no worse a feeling than to realize that your possessions haveTravel with Your Retriever been stolen by a thief or pick pocket while you are traveling or enjoying your vacation.  Distractions are exactly how a thief sets up their mark. Museums, excursions, theme parks and hundreds of other relaxing venues create the vulnerability of distraction that can end a vacation.  Your Retriever Lost Item Tracking Device and key finder can set off an alarm then they become separated when the separation alarm is activated.  Instant Travel ProtectionTravel insurance is a great decision. Your Retriever travel protection is a no brainier.

Stop wasting your valuable time frantically searching  where you thought you last left your missing possessions. Your time is too valuable and it is not worth the degree of irritation that you direct on yourself and everyone Car Iconelse. Just look at the Lost Location Tracking Map on your Smartphone and go retrieve your property.  Find your missing car......... Imagine parking your car only to realize some hours later that you've forgotten where you parked it. If you left a second retriever in your car all you would need to do is look at the Your Retriever Lost Location History on your Bluetooth Smartphone locator app and your car would be prominently noted on the map with easy to read standard street mapping and satellite imagery. Put an end to saying, "Where did I leave my car"?


Your Retriever Bluetooth Tracking Device is Waterproof. Don’t hesitate taking Your Retriever with you on a cruise, to the beach or anywhere else there is water. Sand and water are two dauntingBluetooth Tracking Device Waterproof places to take most electronic devices. Based on Your Retriever's IP67 Certification Rating it will offer complete dust protection and water protection even when submerged in up to 3.28 feet of water for 30 minute duration. Normally, sand is a sure recipe for disaster for an electronic device taken to the beach because sand can get into every minute opening.  Relax you’re protected.


What is a Selfie?  Are you always left out of the family, vacation or other important moment because you are always taking the photo? As I was looking back though our family album there was one observation that was always very obvious to me.  I wasn't in any of the photos. I quickly realizedIPhone Selfie Icon that this was the chronological events of my family growing together and I was not part of the pictorial story. Your Retriever key finder, tracking device and location tracker also allows you the capability of easily including yourself in all future photos by you remotely triggering your Smartphone's camera from a distance while you actually stand with the group being photographed. Talk the selfie.  Push the small blue button and you're permitted to say "cheese with the rest of your family".


Your Retriever LLC does not collect, store or save any personal informationCensus of people regarding your current or past locations. Other units create personal privacy and security risk as location information is uploaded to their web data server.


Gift Box with a RetrieverYour Retriever Bluetooth Tracker Device makes the most useful and appreciated gift you can give.  We are all find ourselves in the same predicament time after time saying "Where did I leave my stuff".


Your Retriever out performs every other device on the market today both in its engineering design and tracking range. Are you ready to not lose your important possessions ever again? The answer is "Your Retriever" Key Finder and Lost Item Tracker.

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